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Top 6 Best Yoga Music of the Year You Must Listen to

Looking for some new tunes to add to your yoga playlist? Well, playing music during yoga sessions stimulates your senses and makes it easy for you to navigate from a negative emotional state of mind to a positive one. Even though yoga is not a dance, you will want to follow the tune when transitioning from one pose to another. The point is, nothing makes yoga sessions so amazing than practicing while playing your favorite music. But what music will make you want to continue practicing even when you are tired?

I suggest you try these six best yoga music of the year

1. Songs for the Sangha song by Deva Premal and Miten with Manose

Songs for the Sangha features astounding jazz notes, spacious melodies and reggae grooves that will own your mind while practicing yoga. The duo, Deva Premal, and Miten with Manose worked together with a talented instrumentalist and a Grammy-nominated Joby Baker and his team plus a jazz keyboard player, Spencer Cozens to create an amazing soothing effect, surround sound and excellent lyrics intended to keep a yoga class going no matter how hard it gets. If you want a song that will change your perception about yoga, try playing Songs for the Sangha.

2. The Great Mystery song by Desert Dwellers

The sound of the Great Mystery will abduct your mind and take it to another world. It features ancient Indian melodies plus some original lyrics that will keep your head spinning. Desert Dwellers are the most famous down-tempo duo behind the original song. They label it as a sonic incense of body and mind. The song is particularly intended to make transitioning from one pose to another flow just like changing moves while dancing. If you don’t want to get bored with your yoga class, it is time you tried the Great Mystery, and there is a promise, you will want to continue regardless of how you feel.

3. Bridge to Vallabha song by Tina Malia

If you’ve heard songs by Tina Malia before, then you know what it’s like to listen to her angelic voice. If you’ve never believed in Levitation, then you’ll want to open your eyes during meditation to see if you are still on the ground. Bridge is one of the yoga songs that will make you feel like you are floating while in the real sense it is your mind that is hovering above the sweet melodies incorporated in an airy angelic voice. The themes are put together with sacred chants, dream pop, and folk that is intended to make a yoga session feel short.

4. Dreaming in Sanskrit song by Marti Nikko $ DJ Drez

If you are fond of mantra music that is funky, then Dreaming in Sanskrit will make your dreams come true. Created by Marti Nikko, a hip hop producer in the holy hood and DJ Drez, a Master Mixmaster, Dreaming in Sanskrit features mantra renditions from Hindu, Buddhist and many other yoga traditions around the globe. By listening to this song, you get to experience an unending bluesy voice of Nikko that takes your soul to the world you can only dream of.

5. Dayaal song by Sirgun Kaur

The song is created by a chant artist and a teacher of Kundalini yoga, Sirgun Kaur. You get to listen to her purely soothing voice in many songs including one that is represented in English. These songs feature delicate acoustic soundscapes that are organized by Thomas Barquee with the intention of making your yoga class feel divine.

6. My Heart Bows Down To You song by Brenda McMorrow

Another song to listen to is my heart bows down to you by an artist, Brenda McMorrow. If you know her, then you have noticed how she expresses deeper realization in her songs and how she can turn each sound romantic. My heart bows down to you song are not different and reveal her ever-evolving understanding of bhakti yoga. My heart bows down to you is a song to play anytime, whether you are meditating or transitioning from one pose to the next.

Clearly, people differ when it comes to music preference and yogis are not exempted. These six songs are created to bring an amazing experience to your yoga sessions with the intention of making everything seem easy. Play one, two or six of the songs in this list and realize what has been missing in your yoga classes. Practice at home? Visit home yoga – weight loss for beginners to learn more about yoga for cardio.