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Check Some Facts While Smoking With Bongs and Pipes

Smoking with a bong
Source: Toronto City News

According to some researches made, it was discovered that using Bongs and pipes during the inhalation process also known as smoking is the best for every smoker. There are lots of benefits that follow it including that it gets rids of tiny bacteria attached to weeds or herbs. The discovered that water pipes helps a lot and is used mostly by beginners. Beginners that started with bongs never have hard times like some beginners who started with joint have. The water gives this cooling sensation that motivates the awesome experience of smoking. However, there are some fact you should look into before purchasing and using a pipe. These facts are mostly for health purposes and very essential to store in mind.

When smoking with these accessories, here are some things you should carefully look into:

  1. Many bongs are very large in size, if smokers want to acquire the benefits of the liquid (water) filtration on every of the inhalation process with an easier, smaller and manageable tool, then he or she should consider purchasing a glass bubbler pipe.
  2. Some every smoker should know that using a glass water pipe during smoking is much better than using aluminum or homemade plastic pipe. This is because glass pipes can aid in decreasing the exposure to extra chemicals that might be discovered in the aluminum and homemade plastic. Not to talk about how wary and suspicious a homemade pipe can appear if seen by a relation or family member!
  3. Clients should ensure that they often clean their bongs and pipes after making use of it. It is called basic maintenance. It is for health purposes and hygiene as well. Smokers should make sure they avoid making use or reusing dirty bongs water. If a pipe user should forget to clean out his or her pipes and bongs after usage, it could actually cause a lack of filtering effect. So it advisable that you clean it always.
  4. The users should deal with the stuff in moderation. While making use of a water pipe or a bong facilitates smokers smoke more carelessly with decreased carcinogens for each inhaling process, it doesn’t eliminate its harmful effects. Yes, regardless of what you are inhaling or smoking, – too much of everything is not good and it can also be unhealthy to the human body so smokers should try to be moderate and practice moderation. Water bongs and pipes wouldn’t take time before driving the smokes down into the lungs; you should also carry this in mind.
  5. Most smokers don’t base on only herbs but also do a day or two. Will you base on smoking herb alone? You could head over to an online decent store and purchase both multi-functioning bongs and cheap dab rigs that consist of adapters letting smokers make use of one piece for both herbs and dabs.


Reading this will help you know some intelligent words to have in mind before using and purchasing water pipes and bongs from Try it will not only improve your health but also make your exposure awesome.